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Dr. Don Thompson D.C., CFMP

Thank You Bad Ashes, you are a life saver...literally.


Dr. Chad from Bad Ashes has been a saving grace in my efforts to quit tobacco. I started smoking as a teen and moved to smokeless tobacco many years later and could not kick the habit. When I was ready, Dr. Chad took me through a session of hypnosis to help my brain realize that I could quit and that it was worth quitting to be healthy and vibrant and have a life full of vitality.

Dr. Chad was very positive and assuring during the session and really put my mind at ease. Since our session, I have been free from tobacco for the first time since I was 13 years old. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is struggling to quit. If you want to enrich your life by quitting then go see Dr. Chad at Bad Ashes IMMEDIATELY.

Thank You Dr. Chad, you are a life saver...literally.

Dr. Don Thompson D.C., CFMP

Dr. Dennis DaPonte D.C. Chiropractor

This is an incredibly powerful intervention that works!


How long were you a smoker? More than 10 years

What methods did you use in the past to try and quit and what were the results?
I tried to quit with willpower but was unsuccessful.

How long have you been a Non-Smoker now? Over 3 months

How is hypnosis different than other methods you have tried in the past? Immediate and drastic change in craving intensity.

What makes you think that you have quit for good this time? I really no longer feel that overwhelming overpowering defenseless feeling of NEEDING tobacco. And the change was immediate and lasting.

How has this experience changed your life for the better? I feel powerful, healthy and in control of myself.

How would you rate your experience with Bad Ashes? 5/5

Would you recommend Bad Ashes stop smoking to people wanting to quit and why? This is an incredibly powerful intervention that works! It really is unbelievable unless you experience it yourself. I am still in awe of the fact that I no longer crave tobacco...especially after I eat.

I have more energy and am just so proud of myself and so happy that Chad was able to help me.

Thanks for giving me my health back!

Is there anything else you think people should know about your experience with Bad Ashes or your Hypnotist Chad Stewart? #therealdeal

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How long were you a smoker?
What did you try to quit in the past?
How has your experience with hypnosis been different from what you had tried before?
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