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About Bad Ashes Stop Smoking Center

Hello, my name is Chad Stewart.

I started BadAshes because I love to help people discover that they are more than think they are. In life, we are the stories we tell ourselves, and the story I used to tell myself is that I am a dipper. (smokeless tobacco addict)

I understand all the reasons people start a nicotine addiction because I did it myself. I began dipping because my Dad dipped and my big brother dipped. I wanted to be like them, and so it was the only logical thing to do... or so I thought.

It wasn't until later in life, while in Chiropractic School that I started thinking about my health and decided to quit. Of course, stopping wasn't so easy, and so I had that love hate relationship with my can of dip for years. I would stop and feel horrible and think about it all the time until finally, exhausted or stressed; I would start back again only to feel guilty, weak and beat down. All-in-all I felt like a slave to dip for more than 13 years.

Luckily for me, while in Chiropractic School, I was given the assignment to study a prominent character from the history of psychology. For an entire semester, I was to examine Dr. Milton Erickson and "Become Him" to show up for a debate at the end of the semester with all the other characters important in psychology.

That semester changed my life. I became fascinated with hypnosis and what was possible. The things Dr. Erickson was able to do blew my mind, and I wanted to know how to create that kind of change in people. So, I began to read, study and attend any seminar I could find about the subject.

It wasn't long before I completely lost interest in Chiropractic School and started helping friends get over phobias and test anxieties and loving it. I finished chiropractic school and decided to peruse my education in hypnosis and obtained my certification in Professional Conversational Hypnotherapy and my training in smoking cessation from my friend and mentor Steve Roehm, who has helped over 3,500 people to stop smoking with an incredible 95% success rate.​

With the knowledge and experience I gained from years and study, and with the guidance of my mentors, I was able to perfect my skills and not only quit dipping for myself but also to help other quit dipping and smoking as well.

Seeing the instant change in people and watching them discover they could do something they didn't think was possible is incredible for me and I love it. So, I started BadAshes to help you stop smoking and discover you are more than you think you are.

If you know deep down inside that there is a better way to live your life that brings more health and more enjoyment, then you are right. Call me today and let me help you cut the chains of nicotine addiction and feel how good it feels to be free at least. ​


Chad Stewart 

Chad Stewart D.C., CHt

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